Real Estate Law

Real Estate law can include a wide variety of legal issues and subjects, some of which are unique to the individual, location, and type of property. When faced with a dilemma involving a piece of real estate, call Zumbrunn Law Corporation for advice from experienced attorneys. Typical real estate matters that our firm works with involve representation during a dispute among homeowners, builders, and/or contractors, proper handling of the purchase or sale of a property and the sale disclosures, landlord and tenant issues, evictions, lease preparation and review, preparation and review of miscellaneous agreements created between parties, foreclosure issues, as well as disputes regarding property ownership, usage, and access. These issues may arise within the realm of:

   •    Construction
   •    Residential
   •    Commercial
   •    Contracts
   •    Unlawful Detainer
   •    Easement/Lot Line Disputes
   •    Common Owner Disputes (Joint Tenancies; Tenancies-in-Common)
   •    Foreclosure/Short Sale
   •    Loan Issues
   •    Litigation