Trial Practice & Appeals

Trial Practice

Trials occur when two or more parties cannot agree as to the manner in which a dispute should be resolved. While, naturally, it is far better to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties (as that will save considerable time, emotional stress, and money), some issues cannot be resolved by settlement and must be submitted to the judge for determination.

It is essential that a party’s case is presented to the judge in the most persuasive manner possible. Advanced thought needs to be given to the technical rules of evidence to make sure that important documents and witnesses are presented at trial so that the judge not only is made aware of all relevant facts, but is convinced to rule in your favor.

The attorneys at Zumbrunn Law Corporation are experienced trial attorneys, knowledgeable in the law, diligent in researching the facts and the particular legal authorizes that may support your case, and are persuasive at trial. When facing a trial in your case, you cannot afford to hire anyone other than the best. The attorneys at Zumbrunn Law Corporation will aggressively pursue your matter at trial on any legal issue concerning divorce, including child custody, visitation, support, or property division, and also legal issues involving probate, conservatorship, guardianship, real estate, business, and general civil disputes.



An appeal is a request for a higher court to review the decision of an inferior court or an administrative agency. During the appeal, determinations are made by several justices as to whether the trial decision was consistent with the law as well as properly supported by the evidence. If you believe that your case was incorrectly decided or you disagree with the ruling by the judge, feel free to contact our office for a consultation. The attorneys at Zumbrunn Law Corporation can help to determine whether a decision in your case can be brought up to the Court of Appeals with the possibility of reversing the decision in your favor in the following practice areas:

   •    Family Law
   •    Probate
   •    Trust Litigation
   •    Civil 
   •    Business
   •    Real Estate